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Hajj is among the many many 5 pillars of Islam that lay the foundations of a Muslim’s life. It is incumbent upon every mentally, bodily and financially ready Muslim to hold out Hajj not lower than as quickly as in his or her lifetime.

Allah says inside the Quran: “Hajj to the House is an obligation that mankind owes to Allah, these that may afford the payments.” [Surah Aal-e-Imran: 97]

Hajj is a beautiful act of worship, a ritual that symbolizes full submission to Allah SWT. There could also be an immense information and goal behind Hajj. Hajj is a very full kind of worship, it is the fruits of all the remaining pillars of Islam. The precept goal of Hajj is the obedience of Almighty Allah, to acknowledge that each half we private is a blessing that He bestowed upon us, so we must always all the time not join our hearts to the worldly possessions and due to this fact dedicate ourselves totally to the one and solely, Allah, as He SWT says inside the Quran:

“And (keep in mind) when We confirmed Ibrahim(AS) the placement of the Dwelling (saying): ‘Affiliate not one thing with Me, and sanctify My Dwelling for a lot of who circumambulate it, and individuals who stand up (for prayer), and individuals who bow and make prostration (in prayer).” [Surah al-Hajj: 26-27]

The grandeur of this journey can solely be understood when one realizes who he/she goes to go to: The house of Allah SWT on this earth, SubhanAllah!

Correct from the beginning, Hajj serves as a connotation for the journey of the Hereafter. Sooner than embarking on this holy pilgrimage, the Muslim pilgrims (or Hajis) must placed on Ihram, which is the costume code for Hajj. There is no particular restriction for women, they’re going to placed on any modest garments which maintains their Hijab, provided it isn’t produced from silk. For males, it consists of two un-sewn objects of white material, sounds acquainted? Positive, Ihram is symbolic to Muslim’s burial garb or “Kafan”! When a Muslim dies, his/her physique is wrapped in white shroud (kafan) sooner than it is despatched to the final word resting place, the grave. Kafan, thus, symbolizes the beginning of our closing journey, which begins correct after a person dies. Within the an identical method, when a Pilgrim wears Ihram, he is being reminded of his closing journey of Hereafter. When he removes his stitched garments to brighten into Ihram, as per the orders of Almighty Allah, he is abandoning his supplies needs and attachments, due to this fact, shopping for a state of humbleness, humility and submission to his solely Lord.

Allah might be essentially the most Merciful, little doubt, He is Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem. It is one amongst His innumerable blessings that He permits us to experience the symbolic state of afterlife, giving us a possibility to fluctuate our lives and revert our hearts whereas we nonetheless can. When all Muslim pilgrims acquire on the land of Arafah all through Hajj, it serves as a reminder of the promised Day of Judgment, when all human beings may be standing on the same place, on the an identical flooring, in entrance of Allah SWT, prepared for his or her remaining future, to reap what they sowed.

Hajj is an outstanding bounty of Allah SWT. It permits the pilgrims to indulge inside the showers of mercy bestowed upon them by Almighty Allah, as soon as they perform Hajj with the purest intentions and full adherence to the prescribed virtues and values. The Prophet SAW said:

“There is no ritual parallel to an accredited Hajj, and there isn’t any reward for it decrease than Paradise. A pilgrim turns into (so pure) like a brand new youngster youngster. As quickly because the pilgrims full their rituals, they will be suggested: ‘You might have constructed a growth then do not destroy it. Your earlier is forgiven, then preserve your future.'”

Hajj Package DealPositive, pure like a model new born youngster, Allah-o-Akbar!

Hajj packages fantastically exemplifies the equality of all human beings in entrance of Allah SWT. When Muslims from all world wide, whatever the variations of their social standing, race, gender, color and ethnicity, perform Hajj carrying the an identical costume, following the an identical pointers and legal guidelines, saying the an identical prayers on the same time within the an identical technique, it demonstrates in all probability essentially the most profound message of Islam, the concept of equality of mankind. The one want inside the eyes of Allah is piety. The Quran states in Verse (49:13):

” O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you can be know each other. Verily in all probability essentially the most honored of you inside the sight of Allah is (he who’s) in all probability essentially the most righteous of you. And Allah has full information and is correctly acquainted (with all points)”

The annual convention of Muslims in Makkah all through Hajj moreover depicts the unity of Muslim Ummah to the rest of the world. When Muslims of varied nationalities and races assemble at one place and get a possibility to socialize with each other, it inculcates and reinforces the emotions of brotherhood, good will and harmony amongst them, which make Pilgrims further tolerant and compassionate in course of each other. Subsequently the enthralling journey of Hajj not solely cleanses Muslims spiritually however moreover serves to ship the Ummah collectively, uniting them in a robust bond which relies on the principles of Islam, as Allah revealed inside the Quran:

“The believers are nothing else than brothers. So make reconciliation between your brothers, and concern Allah, that you can be get hold of mercy.” [Al-Hujjurat, 49:10]

To make the Hajj acceptable or “maqbool”, purification of coronary coronary heart and an effort to boost it to a state that is admissible by Allah SWT, is obligatory. Understanding the true goal, spirit and significance of Hajj, consciousness that Allah is frequently watching over us and the priority of accountability will help us in getting ready for this mesmerizing journey of a lifetime in sha’Allah!

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